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DEAL OF THE DAY 10/22/2018


Do you know this person?


BTE is looking for self motivated people. They will meet business owners and introduce them to the world of BARTER. This is a full or part time position. They will be paid for each business that becomes part of BTE. The earnings are commissions when a business becomes part of BTE, monthly residual income and bonuses. Call Bruce 989 316 1438.



As we enter the last quarter of the year now is the time to get your message out to the buying public.  WOAP now offers you the chance to advertise on both AM and FM to reach new customers.  For more information on putting your trade dollars to work getting you more cash customers call Bruce at the Flint BTE office 810 744 3698.




Mr Instant Signs,, 16058 Eureka Road, Southgate, Mi is the BTE member  to call for all your signage needs,  for complete details on what they can do for your business visit the web site, stop by the shop or call them 734 283 8570.



Groat Bros. Auto Repair& Towing,, 1466 Eureka Road, Wyandotte, MI 48192 .  If your vehicle needs repair work call Joe Groat 734 284 6232 and bring it in for repairs.  They are trading labor on vehicle repairs.  They also offer full service oil changes, HOWEVER FOR OIL CHANGES YOU NEED TO PURCHASE A GROAT BROTHERS OIL CHANGE TRADE CERTIFICATE from the BTE office 734 946 5759.  If your vehicle needs a tow they also offer towing during normal business hours in their area.  For complete details on towing call Joe734 284 6232.


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