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DEAL OF THE DAY 10/23/2018





If you want something to do with family but missed out on the Michigan Renaissance Festival or going up north and taking the river boat trip to Tahquamenon Falls do not miss out on this fun trip.



 IN THE BTE OFFICE, but we have a limited supply and when they are sold out that is it for 2018.


African Safari Wildlife Park

At the African Safari Wildlife Park you can drive through the park to meet & feed the animals! Have you ever fed a Camel? Been up close with a Giraffe? If not, you will in the Drive-Thru Safari. Deer, bison, alpaca, bongo, zebra, and more await your arrival.  The park is located in Port Clinton, Ohio - on the way to Cedar Point. We have access to passes that are good for a carload of six .  If you are interested, contact our office 810-744-3698 ASAP, as supplies are limited. 


This something you need to purchase in advance as tickets are NOT sold  on trade at the park.  





 WE know this is not the time of the year when you are doing your tax return but it is a good time to sit down with a BTE professional and review what you did last year and make plans for this year.

BTE Members DO NOT spend cash to have have some one prepare your income taxes! BTE members should use a BTE member like DownTown Office Management, 336 West First Street, Ste 105 Flint, MI. They offer evening & weekend appointments plus free electronic filing for BTE members. To make your appointment with someone who understands trade call  810-249-9800.









Don't be a Single Focus Trader - one of those BTE'ers who wants only one specific thing.  Trade for all things possible...the cash you save won't know the difference! 




If you have an event that needs a man on the microphone with years of public speaking experience, then Chuck Dodge is the guy for you. He is a very committed public speaker, consultant and seminar facilitator. His style of presenting is balanced, motivating and humorous, filled with principles that can enhance individual lives. His enthusiasm is contagious and his training is structured to help make teams blend their differences resulting in increased productivity and harmony. Chuck has inspired audiences around the USA with his ''''''''''''''''Making The Connection'''''''''''''''' inspirational keynote speeches.


When you hear Chuck speak you will swear he is catering his speech just to you, and that the rest of the group is just there listening to Chuck as he guides you on to becoming a better person in life. He inspires audiences and has them laughing one moment and close to tears in the next. It is this emotion that only Chuck can bring to an audience of any size or demographic.




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