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DEAL OF THE DAY 11/17/2017



Playland Park


ATTENTION! Playland Park is in the middle of switching our arcade machines from tokens to quarters. If you have any tokens please come in before we make the switch to just quarters around the end of November.



Playland is getting into the colder weather. Go karts are going to be officially closed soon. Please call for the availability in go karts. The arcade and room escapes are still open.




Advertising is often a gamble.  We toss out the dice (cash) and wait for results - which may or may not be as expected.  However, the magic of barter can make this less of a gamble since you have invested less in the way of out-of-pocket funds into the equation.  This represents a great "trade advantage" you have over your cash-squandering competitors. Contact our office for advertising ideas and referrals.  We have access to radio, TV, internet based promotion and printed publications throughout the state.



If you are planning  a wedding in the future you need to take advantage of the Indoor bridal sidewalk sale on November 17th - 19th at Expressions in Silk Bridal, 7530 Miller Road, Swartz Creek.   They will have Bridal Gowns and more on sale.   Not getting married?  They also have Holiday Dresses for the holiday parties you will be going to soon.




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