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DEAL OF THE DAY 11/29/2017



As the month of November comes to an end let's all close our books with accurate numbers for sake of both buyers and sellers. Barter sales can be either called in, faxed, processed on the website or emailed.  



Bruce and Elizabeth



When making a sale it is important to make sure that your customer has a BTE account in good standing and can make the purchase.  During the month of November we have had a few (4) instances where either current BTE members or in one case a former member tried to make purchases when the account was on HOLD.  In the case of the former BTE Member we had closed the account a year ago because of a problem with them paying cash fees owed BTE and their failure to respond to BTE members wishing to trade with them.  

To obtain an authorization you can do it two ways: 1. Call the BTE Office and we will give you the authorization or if the member is with you explain to them what they must do to have the sale completed.  2.  Use the internet, after logging into the BTE website you can complete the sale and have your authorization. 

Do not be like the BTE Member that just sent in a transaction for $212 with a person they had never done business with and had told them their account was good for the trade.  At this time we cannot process the trade.

If you are a restaurant or a member making several small sales a month it is not necessary for you to obtain an authorizaton just do business as you have been.


BTE Member getting ready to make a large purchase:  

If you are thinking of making a large purchase and are wondering about your account balance you can check your account three ways.

1.  Look at your current BTE monthly statement you received by mail or email.

2.  Call the BTE office and if you need more trade we might be able to set up a line of credit for you to do the transaction.

3.  Go to the BTE website and log into your account and you can see your account balance and cash fee balance.  If you need your user name and/or password contact the office.





BTE Member Livonia PC Repair,, 29225 7 Mile Road, Livonia, MI as our  member that can correct any problems.  Nate Cann and his team are trading labor on your computer repairs, viruse problems and computer networking.  For complete details on the services they offer call Nate 734 786 1695..



Playland Park


ATTENTION! Playland Park is in the middle of switching our arcade machines from tokens to quarters. If you have any tokens please come in before we make the switch to just quarters around the end of November.



Playland is getting into the colder weather. Go karts are going to be officially closed soon. Please call for the availability in go karts. The arcade and room escapes are still open.









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