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DEAL OF THE DAY 11/9/2017





BTE Member Livonia PC Repair,, 29225 7 Mile Road, Livonia, MI as our  member that can correct any problems.  Nate Cann and his team are trading labor on your computer repairs, viruse problems and computer networking.  For complete details on the services they offer call Nate 734 786 1695..



Tips are paid in CASH when you dine out on trade or use the services of a BTE member where a gratuity is normally how an adult does business. 






Why wait until the end of the year our nonprofit members are always helping people and can use the trade.


This is a reminder that BTE has several nonprofit members that can use BTE Trade Credits.   If you want to make a donation contact your BTE broker.  If you would like to know about the tax advantages of making a donation contact your tax professional who shpould be a BTE member.







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