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DEAL OF THE DAY 1/19/2018



BTE Members DO NOT spend cash to have have some one prepare your income taxes! BTE members should use a BTE member like Topolinski Financial & Tax Service, 2314 West Court, Flint, MI. They offer evening & weekend appointments plus free electronic filing for BTE members. To make your appointment with someone who understands trade call John 810-239-2600.








BTE  trading partner Splendid Events,, 6879 Gratiot Road, Saginaw, MI is the BTE member to see.  The team at Splendid Events operates under the rule that Splendid Events don't just happen- they are masterfully planned!

To make your wedding or other special event special call Andrea Henning 989 493 2218.


If  you find yourself stiff and sore from over working unused body parts  the following are just some of the BTE Members that can make you feel better.


All About You Massage & Healing Therapies, 400 South University, MT Pleasnt.  To make your appointment for a relazing massage call Marcie Kay 989 450 3468.


Wyandotte  Chiropractic,, 3138 Biddle, Wyandotte, MI is our downriver chiropractor.  To make your appointment with Wyandotte Chiropractic call Dr. Mike Cameron 734 284 9100.


Bettie Thomas  Massage Therapy at 15195 Allen Road, Southgate to make your appointment call 734 284 9800.


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