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DEAL OF THE DAY 1/2/2018



December BTE statements showing your purchases and sales for the month have been sent to BTE Members that have provided us with a current email address.  All other BTE Members and members receiving trade certificates will receive them by mail later this week.



This week we are going to share some ideas from the Midwest Business Exchange in Kalmazoo we trade with, on how the top barter traders do it.

1. Good traders do more than stumble over trade opportunities in the middle of the road.  They act.  They call.  They email.  They say stuff like "my daughter is getting married and we need a wedding dress, limo, catering, DJ and a marriachi band.

2. Good traders treat trade dollars as discretionary income.  They know MBE (BTE) is found business.  They also know the cost of a trade dollar.  It's their wholesale cost of goods not their retail selling price.




BTE  trading partner Groat Bros. Auto Repair& Towing,, 1466 Eureka Road, Wyandotte, MI 48192 .  If your vehicle needs repair work call Joe Groat 734 284 6232 and bring it in for repairs.  They are trading labor on vehicle repairs.  They also offer full service oil changes, HOWEVER FOR OIL CHANGES YOU NEED TO PURCHASE A GROAT BROTHERS OIL CHANGE TRADE CERTIFICATE from the BTE office 734 946 5759.  If your vehicle needs a tow they also offer towing during normal business hours in their area.  For complete details on towing call Joe 734 284 6232.





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