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DEAL OF THE DAY 1/26/2018



We will be sending your 1099's showing your barter sales for 2017 the end of this week.




Lyons Heating & Cooling is doing a special for the BTE Market Place-  Furnace Cleaning & Winter Checkup only $69.95. Use your trade dollars to get your Checkup before winter gets here.

Contact them at: (810) 422-900



The most difficult part of our job is to change the mindset of our traders to "Trade Today" before they  reach for their credit card or checkbook and mindlessly squander cash in situations where they could have traded for it instead.   You have your competition and we have ours.  Ours is cash!  We do whatever we can to defeatthe competition by keeping it, (figuratively speaking) in your wallet. We would love to see all of you become traders by habit who feel deep guilt and remorse if they spend greenbacks in an unnecessary fashion. Whether it is an upcoming business expense, travel plans, or a product/service that you would love to purchase but can't quite justify and/or afford to spend your us first to see if it is something you can do on trade!  That number to call is 810 744 3698.





Every day you eat lunch, instead of grabbing a hamburger from a fast food place enjoy a great sandwich from my favorite Flint lunch location.  The Lunch Studio in downtown Flint has been a favorite of BTE Members for years with daily specials like the one below.  To eat at The Lunch Studio on trade you need to order TheLunch Studio certificates from the Flint BTE office 810 744 3698.


A recent  daily  special was hot turkey and cheddar cheese with bacon and balsamic onion jam on a toasty pretzel bun we are adding a little lettuce because you need greens! Soups are chicken noodle and roasted red pepper/tomato! ❤❤❤


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