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DEAL OF THE DAY 1/30/2018



The 1099's showing your barter sales for 2017 are in the mail.  When you receive this information take a minute and check that the tax identification number we have is correct as it is easier to correct this information now.



How is your windshield?  Did it get part of the road in the windshield?  If it damaged  you need to make an appointment with Dave's Auto Glass, 3401 Franklin, Flint, MI and get it fixed.  If you are in Genesee county and so busy at work Dave will send a crew to your business and fix it on the spot.  For complete information or to make your appointment call 810 341 667




They are providing limo services on trade in Grand Rapids and when you go to their website check out their amazing selection of limos that can hold anywhere from 4 to 45 people!

Learn more and reserve here: call Scott 800-585-6800




We love helping more local businesses save cash through trading, and we always appreciate your referrals!
Not only will you be able to enjoy the great feeling of knowing that you are helping another local business save cash and attract new customers, but when you refer a business that joins Business Trade exchange you will earn $100 trade AND $100 in cash once that business achieves $1000 in sales through trade.
This unprecedented referral bonus may only be here for a limited time, so act now and help us give you even more local trading partners to spend with and put more cash in your pocket! 




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