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DEAL OF THE DAY 1/4/2018



December BTE statements showing your purchases and sales for the month have been sent to BTE Members that have provided us with a current email address.  All other BTE Members and members receiving trade certificates will receive them by mail later this week.



This week we are going to share some ideas from the Midwest Business Exchange in Kalmazoo we trade with, on how the top barter traders do it.

We continue with two additional ideas.

5. Good traders don't look at trade members as opportunities to convert them to cash.  This gets back to MBE (BTE) 101% of the time.

6. Good traders read their email blasts and newsletters.  At BTE they also follow us on Facebook.



BTE member Wyandotte Chiropractic,,  3138 Biddle, Wyandotte is is our downriver member to see.  To make your appointment with them call 734 284 0100.
Enjoy our one of a kind facility which includes on-site x-ray, physical rehabilitation, manual decompression tables, massage therapy and much more. We are family friendly and focus on family care from newborns to the elderly. We offer both traditional as well as gentle (non-popping) adjusting techniques to alleviate your pain and calm your fears. We will show you the natural way to better health without drugs or unnecessary surgery.  Wyandotte Chiropractic is convinced that after one visit, you will see why chiropractic is the safe and effective alternative for treating your pain and why you should be a patient at our office.
Contact them at (734) 284-0100.


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