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DEAL OF THE DAY 1/4/2019





December BTE statements showing your purchases and sales for the month have been sent to BTE Members that have provided us with a current email address.  All other BTE Members and members receiving trade certificates will receive them by mail.  



Towards the end of January your 1099 showing sales on trade at BTE will be sent to you. However if you want to start putting your information together for your tax expert the December BTE statements shows sales and purchases for 2018.



BTE Members DO NOT spend cash to have have some one prepare your income taxes! BTE members should use a BTE member like Topolinski Financial & Tax Service, 2314 West Court, Flint, MI. They offer evening & weekend appointments plus free electronic filing for BTE members. To make your appointment with someone who understands trade call John 810-239-2600.








The most difficult part of our job is to change the mindset of our traders to "Trade Today" before they  reach for their credit card or checkbook and mindlessly squander cash in situations where they could have traded for it instead.   You have your competition and we have ours.  Ours is cash!  We do whatever we can to defeat the competition by keeping it, (figuratively speaking) in your wallet. We would love to see all of you become traders by habit who feel deep guilt and remorse if they spend greenbacks in an unnecessary fashion. Whether it is an upcoming business expense, travel plans, or a product/service that you would love to purchase but can't quite justify and/or afford to spend your us first to see if it is something you can do on trade!  That number to call is 810 744 3698.







Do you know someone that is looking for a position in business to business sales?

Ideal for a person who  is looking for work where they can set the hours.
Do you know someone who is looking for work?
BTE is expanding across the state of Michigan and needs sales representatives to call on business owners and introduce them to our barter system. The people we contract with can work part time or full time setting their own schedule. They need to be a self starter with a positive attitude. If you know someone who wants to work with business owners, learn the barter business and get paid what they are worth have them call Bruce 1 810 744 3698.




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