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DEAL OF THE DAY 2/12/2018



Your 1099's for barter sales in 2017 are in the mail.  Before placing your 1099 with your tax papers  take a minute and check that tax identification number is correct.  If you have changed that information during the past  year it is much easier to correct now rather than later.




When you go to your account take a few minutes and check that we have you listed in the BTE Directory correctly.

The new BTE software allows you to do transactions, look at old statements, view all your transactions and look at the specials on The Market Place and more.  You should visit the website on a regular basis to see what you can buy.  If you need your user name and password send us an email with the email you are using for business and we will send you the instructions.



Along with sending out the daily email BTE also sends out information about member specials and more by facebook




BTE  trading partner Splendid Events,, 6879 Gratiot Road, Saginaw, MI is the BTE member to see.  The team at Splendid Events operates under the rule that Splendid Events don't just happen- they are masterfully planned!

To make your wedding or other special event special call Andrea Henning 989 493 2218.





If you have an event that needs a man on the microphone with years of public speaking experience, then Chuck Dodge is the guy for you. He is a very committed public speaker, consultant and seminar facilitator. His style of presenting is balanced, motivating and humorous, filled with principles that can enhance individual lives. His enthusiasm is contagious and his training is structured to help make teams blend their differences resulting in increased productivity and harmony. Chuck has inspired audiences around the USA with his ''''''''''''''''Making The Connection'''''''''''''''' inspirational keynote speeches.

When you hear Chuck speak you will swear he is catering his speech just to you, and that therest of the group is just there listening to Chuck as he guides you on to becoming a better person in life. He inspires audiences and has them laughing one moment and close to tears inthe next. It is this emotion that only Chuck can bring to an audience of any size or demographic.

Do you or know anyone planning a non-profit event, student assembly, rally, cruise, faculty event, sales seminar, media engagement, senior citizen gathering, training session, office meeting, business engagement or any event that needs a emcee or keynote speaker? Please consider booking Chuck on trade through BTE for your next event. Contact: Chuck Dodge 248 459 8794.



Do you know this person?

BTE is looking for self motivated people. They will meet business owners and introduce them to the world of BARTER. This is a full or part time position. They will be paid for each business that becomes part of BTE. The earnings are commissions when a business becomes part of BTE, monthly residual income and bonuses. Call Bruce 989 316 1438



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