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DEAL OF THE DAY 2/27/2018



As the month of February comes to an end let's all close our books with accurate numbers for sake of both buyers and sellers.  Barter sales can now be entered online at,   as well as called in, processed on line or emailed.  We cannot guarantee trades called in or emailed after 4:00 PM on  Wednesday 2/28/2018  will be accounted for in February so please do not delay.





BTE Member Livonia PC Repair,, 29225 7 Mile Road, Livonia, MI as our  member that can correct any problems.  Nate Cann and his team are trading labor on your computer repairs, viruse problems and computer networking.  For complete details on the services they offer call Nate 734 786 1695..



How is your windshield?  Did it get part of the road in the windshield?  If it damaged  you need to make an appointment with Dave's Auto Glass, 3401 Franklin, Flint, MI and get it fixed.  If you are in Genesee county and so busy at work Dave will send a crew to your business and fix it on the spot.  For complete information or to make your appointment call 810 341 6677.



BTE member Wyandotte Chiropractic,,  3138 Biddle, Wyandotte is is our downriver member to see.  To make your appointment with them call 734 284 0100.
Enjoy our one of a kind facility which includes on-site x-ray, physical rehabilitation, manual decompression tables, massage therapy and much more. We are family friendly and focus on family care from newborns to the elderly. We offer both traditional as well as gentle (non-popping) adjusting techniques to alleviate your pain and calm your fears. We will show you the natural way to better health without drugs or unnecessary surgery.  Wyandotte Chiropractic is convinced that after one visit, you will see why chiropractic is the safe and effective alternative for treating your pain and why you should be a patient at our office.
Contact them at (734) 284-0100.


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