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DEAL OF THE DAY 4/11/2018




BTE Members DO NOT spend cash to have have some one prepare your income taxes! BTE members should use a BTE member like DownTown Office Management, 336 West First Street, Ste 105 Flint, MI. They offer evening & weekend appointments plus free electronic filing for BTE members. To make your appointment with someone who understands trade call  810-249-9800.








Attention BTE Member in the Saginaw area we have a new trading partner Ann Maries Massage 989 395 1258.


BTE members in the Saginaw area that are looking for a massage to home or at the work place can call Ann of Ann Maries Massage to arrange that massage.  That number to call is 989 395 1258.



If you have a dog in the Saginaw area, your dog would like to visit Hairy Paws DayCenter, 3545 Bay Road, Suite 3, Saginaw, MI.  To see all that they offer visit the website,, and call 989792 2900 and make your appointment.




Is your dog looking a bit dirty?  Does your cat have long fur that is getting matted?  Our professional and friendly staff at Hairy Paws Day Center in Saginaw, Michigan, offers full-service dog and cat grooming to make sure that your furry friends are well manicured and maintained.




Tips are paid in CASH when you dine out on trade or use the services of a BTE member where a gratuity is normally how an adult does business. 




Do you have a used car, truck, van, rv, trailer, or anything else on wheels that you would like to sell for retail value instead of a trade-in price? Consider selling your vehicle through Business Trade Exchange today! Other BTE members are currently looking for all different types of used vehicles that are in working condition.  Give the Flint office, 810 744 3698,  a call today!


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