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DEAL OF THE DAY 4/3/2018






 If you are not receiving your statement by email please send us your email address so you receive it on the day we process the end of the month. 


The BTE software allows you to do transactions, look at old statements, view all your transactions and look at the specials on The Market Place and more.  

Why should you do transactions on the website?  When you run the transaction you get credit immediately and do not have to fill out a form and mail it to the office and then get your credit.  Also you will know if the person can make the trade or has a problem with trade or cash fees owed BTE.

BTE DIRECTORY:  With the directory on line it is up to date and new members are included as soon as the member is processed.

BTE MARKET PLACE:  The market place shows new members, items offered from non BTE members and specials at BTE members.

TRANSACTION QUESTIONS:  With this system you can look at all you sales and purchases plus if you need an old statement you can print it without having to contact the office and having BTE send it to you.

All BTE Members should make a habit of once a week logging on to the site and checking out the Market Place for special offers.

Do you know this person?
 BTE is looking for self motivated people. They will meet business owners and introduce them to the world of BARTER. This is a full or part time position. They will be paid for each business that becomes part of BTE. The earnings are commissions when a business becomes part of BTE, monthly residual income and bonuses. Call Bruce 989 316 1438.



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