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DEAL OF THE DAY 5/8/2018




In January we sent out the following ideas on how to incorporate barter into your life plan.  If you have not started doing the following now is a good time to start.

This month we are going to share some ideas from the Midwest Business Exchange in Kalamazoo we trade with, on how the top barter traders do it.

1. Good traders do more than stumble over trade opportunities in the middle of the road.  They act.  They call.  They email.  They say stuff like "my daughter is getting married and we need a wedding dress, limo, catering, DJ and a marriachi band.

2. Good traders treat trade dollars as discretionary income.  They know MBE (BTE) is found business.  They also know the cost of a trade dollar.  It's their wholesale cost of goods not their retail selling price.

3. Good traders aren't afraid of pulling the trigger.  They know today's deal might not be there tomorrow.

4. Good traders know trade business also drives cash business.  The best advertising is word of mouth.  Satisfied trade customers don't live in a barter bubble.  90% of the time they tell their cash-spending friends about a good experience.

5. Good traders don't look at trade members as opportunities to convert them to cash.  This gets back to MBE (BTE) 101% of the time.

6. Good traders read their email blasts and newsletters.  At BTE they also follow us on Facebook.




BTE member Splendid Events,, 6879 Gratiot Road, Saginaw, MI is the BTE member to see.  The team at Splendid Events operates under the rule that Splendid Events don't just happen- they are masterfully planned!

To make your wedding or other special event special call Andrea Henning 989 493 2218.







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