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DEAL OF THE DAY 8/22/2017






African Safari Wildlife Park

At the African Safari Wildlife Park you can drive through the park to meet & feed the animals! Have you ever fed a Camel? Been up close with a Giraffe? If not, you will in the Drive-Thru Safari. Deer, bison, alpaca, bongo, zebra, and more await your arrival.  The park is located in Port Clinton, Ohio - on the way to Cedar Point. We have access to passes that are good for a carload of six that are priced at $52.95.  If you are interested, contact our office 810-744-3698 ASAP, as supplies are limited. 


This something you need to purchase in advance as tickets are NOT sold  on trade at the park.






BTE Member Livonia PC Repair,, 29225 7 Mile Road, Livonia, MI as our  member that can correct any problems.  Nate Cann and his team are trading labor on your computer repairs, viruse problems and computer networking.  For complete details on the services they offer call Nate 734 786 1695..




If you have a pet you cannot take BTE has a member that can help.


“A Vacation Resort for Your Pet”

Key-Lore Kanine Kountry Klub is an activities inclusive facility. In our experience when your pet receives lots of activity & interaction, they are happier and healthier. Our large play yards, and shaded dog park provide ample space for your dog to run and play.

Call (810) 659-5951


All kennels are not created equal. Your pet will have a happy stay with us in our spacious, custom-sized sleeping areas and attached runs. No cages or cramped quarters. Our unique facility provides for constant monitoring as our residence is directly attached to the kennel building.


We welcome blankets and beds that smell like home. They provide a familiar smell and the security that home is still there, it just has been temporarily relocated to Key-Lore. Special requests for feeding and medications are charted on your pets room tag for added safety and accuracy of administration.


Do you know this person?

BTE is looking for self motivated people. They will meet business owners and introduce them to the world of BARTER. This is a full or part time position. They will be paid for each business that becomes part of BTE. The earnings are commissions when a business becomes part of BTE, monthly residual income and bonuses. Call Bruce 989 316 1438.


BTE Members in the DownRiver area having heating or cooling problems now can have that problem solved by BTE Member K & M Mechanical Contractor, Inc, 12614 Dix-Toledo Road, Southgate as our member to call in the downriver area.  For complete details on the services they offer call Kevin McNiven 734 283 2245.

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